Benjamin R. Clarke

The Real Alien – by Benjamin R. Clarke

Posted By rzielkowski | February 11th, 2014
When we enter the world of science-fiction imagination in film, we find images of flying saucers and alien reptilian life forms incubating in mammalian bodies.  Through the power of virtual reality, our...


Pyramids and Mother Nature

Posted By rzielkowski | February 9th, 2014
Pyramids of rectangular blocks are among the oldest and largest structures made by man.  You will not see such shapes in nature. Built to facilitate reverence and respect for hierarchal social arrangement,...


The Corporabanktocracy As a Natural Phenomenon

Posted By rzielkowski | February 6th, 2014
In his book Breaking the Spell, Religion As a Natural Phenomenon Daniel Dennett contends that organized religions are systems which evolve according to the same Darwinian-type processes that drive the...


Allan Savory’s Challenge: Fractals

Posted By rzielkowski | January 19th, 2014
In a TED talk last spring, Allan Savory made a huge splash in the debates on sustainable food and climate change, triggering a cascade of contention and controversy among scientists the world over.  When...

fractal expressionism.pdf

Natural Geometry in Jackson Pollock’s Paintings

Posted By rzielkowski | August 20th, 2013
Argued by many to be the greatest American painter of all time, Jackson Pollock personified the polarization of: 1.  The destructiveness of alcoholism, sloth, and anger 2.  The beauty of artistic...
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